Commit f6c90f7c authored by sathyaseelan's avatar sathyaseelan

modified the packet infra setup script

Signed-off-by: 's avatarsathyaseelan <>
parent a28f6020
......@@ -130,8 +130,8 @@ task_delimiter;
## Check the test status & result from the litmus result custom resource
testStatus=$(kubectl get lr $test_name --no-headers -o custom-columns=:spec.testStatus.phase) && \
testResult=$(kubectl get lr $test_name --no-headers -o custom-columns=:spec.testStatus.result); retcode=$?
testStatus=$(kubectl get litmusresult $test_name --no-headers -o custom-columns=:spec.testStatus.phase) && \
testResult=$(kubectl get litmusresult $test_name --no-headers -o custom-columns=:spec.testStatus.result); retcode=$?
error_handler $retcode msg="Unable to find litmus result custom resource, exiting" action="exit"
if [[ $testStatus == "completed" ]]; then
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